Dear Stuart family:
I have been a customer for the last 5 years and I can not speak highly enough about the consistency of excellence with your products. I have sampled many of the products that you offer and they have all been delicious, without exception. Having a local, Litchfield County, CT, source for grass-fed, humanely produced, meat has been such a wonderful resource for our family. We really care about where our food comes from and the conditions under which our food is cultivated and while Stuart Family Farm clearly has the awards and accreditations to support that they care about these things too, the real evidence is in the quality and consistency of the products offered. At this point, I would feel comfortable putting Stuart Family Farm meat up against anyone else’s; you cannot even compare it to most store bought meat. For Christmas this year, we slow cooked a Stuart Family Farm brisket and we all decided it would be a new tradition for our family. To Deb and the rest of the crew that make Stuart Family Farm products so excellent, a sincere, “thank you” from our family to yours.

P. Smith, Roxbury, CT


To The Stuart Family Farm,
Hello! I am writing to offer my gratitude for the hard work you all accomplish over at your farm. I purchased my first ever Quarter steer at the end of the summer and the result has been phenomenal. Every meal that includes this beef is wonderfully delicious and nutritious. All the friends and family I have had the pleasure to share the beef with have said that it is the best they have ever had! I believe the work you do is good for the environment, good for our physical health, and good for the planet as a whole. I look forward to the next time that I can do business with you. Thanks again for all you do!

Brian – Bronxville, NY


In the era of factory farming, which in my opinion amounts to animal torture, I was thrilled to find the Stuart Family Farm, which allows me to eat dinner without being consumed by guilt. The meat is wonderful and so are the people who produce it. I can’t say enough good things about Deb and her husband as stewards of the land and the animals who live on it. Please tell your friends about Stuart Family Farm. We want/need them to prosper. Farms like theirs are good for the individual and good for the Earth.

Laraine – Northford, CT


I’m honored that you nourish me. Almost 77 years old and in perfect health, taking no meds whatsoever. You play a very big part in this and I am filled with gratitude and joy.

Bonnie Sue – Somers, NY


Thank you so very much for the excellent products and service that you provide. You are a gift to our community. We have been purchasing products from you over the years and you never disappoint.

Beverly S. – Danbury, CT


Last night we hosted a cookout with our very good friends, and my husband grilled hamburgers using your ground beef. My friend said, with much delight, “The hamburger just melted in my mouth!” Thanks so much for your commitment, effort, and hard work in raising well cared for livestock, which in turn, yields healthy and delicious meat.

The Farese Family, New Canaan, CT


Deb, we feel so spoiled getting all of this glorious food from Stuart Family Farm…right in our own backyard!!! We are eating better than we’ve ever eaten in our lives…thank you!!

Sarah, Brookfield, CT


Thank you for your amazing products! We are so lucky to be able to work with them! What you do is rare and so appreciated and will hopefully become the model for every livestock farm in the universe. We are so grateful to share your meat with our lucky guests.

Chef Phoebe of Dirt Road Farm, Weston, CT


Thank you for all that you and your family do for sustainable, humane farming. We can only imagine how much you put into these ethical practices. Please know that your care for the animals, for people, and the planet are greatly appreciated! When the topic arises, Jonathon and I are always sure to share with others what you provide in hopes that they will get on board as well. We are certain that they will also be delighted in every way. Thank you for always being so kind. We appreciate you!

Christina, Trumbull, CT


I watched a movie called “What the Fork” in the early part of this year, and since that time I have been on a plant based diet. My whole life has changed but not for the best. I have gained a considerable amount of weight, and now other conditions from excessive carbohydrates and a lack of required nutrients. My diet consisted of vegetables, grains, and soy. No matter what, I could not get myself to go back to meat as the movie had traumatized me. On a visit to my doctor he said something very important to me, “Meat is okay if you know where it comes from, how it was raised, and butchered”. He mentioned Whole Foods but the more I thought, I felt there should be a farm within the state I live in and to me this would be the best way to go. I researched for days, and found Stuart Family Farm. I was so impressed, and decided to go to the farm store where I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Deb Stuart, who was very personable, sharing information as this was all new to me. I purchased several different meats, and that night had chicken soup like I’ve never had, and did not have any emotional difficulties as I knew the humane care that went into raising the meats I purchased. The next morning I had farm fresh eggs and bacon, and thought to myself so this is what it’s supposed to be like. Totally satisfied, and not hungry… I haven’t felt that in over 8 months. I am so happy to have found this farm, and about the start of getting back my health. AWA and AGW certified is very impressive. Thank you to Stuart Family Farm for everything you do.

V. Porter of Cheshire, CT 


I hope you have now, or once had, someone who wisely guided you early on in knowing about the best food. I did. My grandmother who knew farming from the ground up taught me the details of choosing food, how to recognize the best and most healthful of this and that, whether meats, vegetables. or grains. But what I heard over and over was this: Know where your food came from, know how it was raised and cared for, and know the people who made all that happen. Once I met the Stuarts and learned of their values and saw first hand their animals and farming practices, I knew my grandmother’s directions were being met. Stuart Family Farm was indeed the right place for me to buy meats. I hope you will visit the farm stand and take home some meat to enjoy. Tell your friends too!

J. Spencer, Southport, CT 


The Stuart Family Farm products offer the best of two worlds. The beef, chicken and pork is extraordinary in both texture and flavor. We are discerning cooks and understand that the finest quality ingredients are the foundation of good cooking. Furthermore, our family places great emphasis on the welfare of animals. We have been to the farm and have met the Stuart family and are totally confident in the environment in which the animals are raised and processed. We have researched the Animal Welfare Certification enjoyed by the Stuarts and are impressed and not at all surprised by its continued certification of their operations. One hundred percent of the meat and poultry consumed in our home is delivered to us by the Stuart family. We not only enjoy the quality but believe we are supporting a very important endeavor.

The Hastings Family, Stamford, CT 


A huge thank you to you both! You two have been so instrumental in showing our youth chef’s how important it is to eat well and to know where their food comes from! What would we do without you as your farm is so pivotal in proving the necessity of well cared for livestock, thoughtfully raised product, and overall kindness to all creatures on this beautiful earth. We want Stuart Family Farm to be around for a long time!

Love you guys!

Chef Anne Gallagher, Morris, CT


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