Chef Rody, a personal chef from New Milford, CT, was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, exposed to cooking at an early age, and fell in love with food of all kinds.

She blends and jars her dry rubs by hand and delivers them to our retail farm store in Bridgewater, CT. These rubs have caught on with our store customers and we would like our home delivery clients to now have the option of purchasing them.

Each dry rub is perfectly balanced with a blend of herbs that are a great addition to a broad spectrum of meal ideas ranging from meat applications of all kinds, to vegetables, soups, salads, bean, fish, sauce, and egg dishes. A sprinkle, a dash, or a spoonful of any one of these dry rubs will enhance whatever you are preparing.

Chef Rody’s Dry Rubs can be purchased along with your meat cut selections on our Online Submission Form. We are very proud and pleased to be able to offer these unique and delicious rubs to our larger local supporting families.