We raise meat birds each season that are available at our farm store or through home delivery. The breed of chicken we raise are called Freedom Rangers, a heritage breed that was developed in France to meet the highest standards of the Label Rouge Free Range Program. Although they grow at a slower rate than a Cornish Cross chicken, they are much healthier and able to exhibit all of their natural behaviors. We start the young chicks in a brooder until they are old enough and fully feathered to be able to handle the outdoor conditions. Once they are out to pasture, they roam freely eating grass, bugs, taking dust baths, and enjoying their natural habitat, all the while, being kept safe from predators by their faithful protector, our guardian flock dog, Mae. This breed of chicken, raised in this ideal environment, is an exceptional eating experience. The flavor of this chicken has a deep richness to it and the texture of the meat is in a class all its own.