The Stuart Family has been farming in western Connecticut for generations. The original family farm was purchased by Henry Stuart in 1929. Today, the operation is run by Bill and Deb Stuart, Jr.  Their herd consists of approximately 250 head of beef cattle and in all, they farm approximately 800 acres of preserved land in New Milford, Bridgewater and Roxbury, Connecticut.

Stuart Family Farm is a full-time farming operation that produces exceptionally healthy grass-fed, grass-finished beef, as well as, high quality hay that the cattle consume in the winter. Our goal has been and will be to raise the best tasting beef possible and to sell it to our customers at a fair price. We have years of experience in the meat processing industry and in animal husbandry. Animal welfare is at the core of everything we do. Having relaxed, physically comfortable, and content livestock is at the heart of our daily work.

We take incredible pride in what we stand for as conscientious stewards of the land and our livestock. There is so much care and passion behind the raising of our animals; combined with the healthy, sunshine filled, fresh air fortified, quiet, pasture raised environment that they enjoy every day, the consistency and flavor of all the meats is unbeatable.

We feel honored and privileged to provide care and nourishment for our local community who value the time and thought put into what we do each day. We are so grateful for their loyal, ongoing support. It is just as important to them as it is to us that we are producing healthy, clean, slow growing food.