Stuart Family Farm is a family operated cattle farm specializing in the production
of grass fed, grass finished all-natural beef. We diligently utilize sound and
humane animal husbandry practices in our operation. 

We firmly believe that cattle need to be raised in a way consistent with their
natural habitat. This ensures the health and welfare of our cattle, our customers,
and the environment. We earnestly strive to be the leading regional supplier
of the most healthful, delicious beef.

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Stuart Family Farm is proud to be Animal Welfare Approved. The Animal Welfare Approved Program and food label promote the well-being of animals and the sustainability of humane family farms, uniting conscientious consumers with farmers who raise their animals with compassion. learn more...


In order to produce tender and flavorful grass-fed beef, the type of cattle raised is of utmost importance. At Stuart Family Farm, we raise Red Angus and Red Angus crossbread cattle that are able to easily convert grass into incredible tasting beef. Our cattle are bred to perform on nothing but grass - no grain needed. learn more...